STRATINNOVA is an Australian company with more than 20 years of global enterprise commercialization experience designing, developing, marketing, and selling a range of very advanced digital products and software services for targeted B2B/B2G/B2C markets. We strive to assist globally focused organizations address their largest opportunities and challenges, and significantly grow their business revenues.

Business Development

STRATINNOVA's focus is global, providing strategic business development services to:

  • multinational corporations

  • private companies and government agencies

  • venture capital investors, private equity firms, and family offices

  • R&D institutions

  • technology startups

We provide practical insight using extensive scientific, technical, market, legal, social, economic, and financial analysis to develop product and service strategies, with clear go-to-market steps for funding, sales, and commercial growth. We are committed to delivering completely pragmatic solutions and transformational improvements.

Transformational Improvements

STRATINNOVA has developed a comprehensive strategic analysis and planning framework, that runs all the way through to execution, completion, and post-implementation feedback that demonstrates improvements:

Vision > Analysis > Strategies > Planning > Tactics > Execution > Feedback

  • Strategy

  • Company structure

  • Business model

  • Management team

  • Human resources & culture

  • Product and Service development

  • Market research and analysis

  • Industry, allies, and competition

  • Marketing

  • Sales and business development

  • Operations

  • Financial analysis

  • Funding

  • Legal & Intellectual Property

  • Economics

  • Politics

  • Technology and innovation

  • Research & Development

  • Security

  • Policies

  • Knowledge management

  • Automation

  • Management processes and feedback

  • Risks and mitigation

  • Company and technology acquisitions

Typically our work for clients has included completing specific business requirements from the list above to meet their organizational requirements, and a limited number of brand new ventures have required undertaking the entire framework.

Industries & Applications

STRATINNOVA brings powerful cross-industry knowledge and direct deep experience, having delivered solutions across numerous industries and applications including:

  • Data Search & Analytics, Cloud Big Data & HSM, IoT, AI / ML & HPC

  • Global Geospatial Analytics & Intelligence, Imagery, Digital Mapping, Positioning & Navigation

  • Defence, Security, Law Enforcement, Banking & Finance

  • Oil & Gas Resources, Petrochemical Refining, Mining Resources & Metals, Electrical Power Generation & Distribution

  • Advanced Automation & Robotics, Heavy Engineering, Major Construction & Infrastructure

  • Intelligent Transport Systems, V2X & ATMS, LiDAR SLAM, ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles


STRATINNOVA generally undertakes project work via referrals. Our project work is typically highly complex, remotely distributed, and commercially sensitive.

We undertake targeted pro bono work and philanthropic activities in support of some organizations that benefit society.



The company can be contacted via the following email address:

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