STRATINNOVA is a specialist consulting firm providing professional services targeted at technology commercialisation and business development.

Our Purpose

STRATINNOVA provides advisory services to rapidly grow business for global markets. We advise and guide corporate managers, business owners, and pioneering entrepreneurs with decisive actions to take digital products and services to the world.

We provide practical business insight and market analysis to develop product and service growth strategies, with clear go-to-market action steps for funding, sales, and business development.

Our clients become more profitable and satisfied through implementing clear steps to rapidly grow their business.

Our Approach

Our expertise covers a broad range of technology venture development services related to the design, development and delivery of high technology products and services into the global marketplace.

Our capabilities have evolved over years delivering solutions across numerous industries including: transportation, geospatial, defence, financial services, digital media, telecommunications, mining & resources, and law enforcement.

We have proven methodologies for the generation of reliable information and innovative valuable solutions, and developing products and services in current and emerging markets.

Our clients receive practical solutions and clear actions that satisfy real needs and provide lasting value, fostering client loyalty and respect.

Our strength is the ability to harness multi-disciplinary experience in: global sales & marketing, digital technology, intellectual property, and capital raising, to create commercially innovative solutions.


We have a strong business driven focus in our service delivery to ensure our customer's needs are satisfied. Our services cover 3 broad areas:


Industry and market research; product and service design; business case development; financial modelling; risk analysis; organisational cultural analysis; business, technical and functional requirements.


Business and process architecture; marketing planning; intellectual property design, development and protection; private investment capital raising; back-office and cloud system architecture; high level hardware and software design; hardware and software architecture; human resource planning; system and human interface design.


Project management; reporting; acceptance testing; training; measurement and feedback.

STRATINNOVA can address these areas individually for clients as short-term work tasks or we can manage all three areas for a client as a consolidated project.

Due to our thorough and committed service, we have an excellent track record and customers repeatedly return, with much of our work coming from personal referrals and recommendations


STRATINNOVA provides powerful cross-industry experience

We provide what's needed to inject a broad range of new ideas, tools, technologies and innovative processes into technology focused commercial ventures.

STRATINNOVA works at the nexus between commercially driven business needs and technology centric fields including:

  • Big Data Storage, Processing, Analysis, and Enterprise search.

  • Geospatial imagery, vector and terrain data management, and digital mapping.

  • Neural networks, supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

  • Media research, mobile data, and internet content delivery

  • RFID, barcoding, machine vision and real-time data collection

  • Fixed, mobile and wireless data communication

  • Real-time telemetry, transport telimatics, wireless sensor networks, and data fusion

  • Customer relationship management and knowledge management systems

  • Encryption and security systems

  • Industrial automation and process control

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition, programmable logic control, distributed control systems, and robotics

  • Enterprise hardware and software system integration


Our responsibilities in these fields include:

  • Industry and market research

  • Product and service design

  • Business case development

  • Financial modelling

  • Angel and venture capital investment fund raising

  • Risk analysis

  • Business, technical and functional requirements

  • Business and process architecture

  • Back-office system architecture

  • High level hardware and software design

  • Hardware and software architecture

  • Human resource planning

  • System and human interface design

  • Project management

  • Executive management reporting

  • Acceptance testing

  • Personnel performance management and training

  • Measurement and feedback systems

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STRATINNOVA - Technology Venture Development

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